Sustainable Design

Bringing Environmental Principles to Every Project

With a third of our designers holding LEED accreditation, we design all of our projects using sound sustainable design principles. Some solutions are transparent to the client as part of our continued commitment to environmental stewardship. Others reach for our client's more specific LEED certification goals. From our Visioning Workshops to documentation toward certification, our proven team delivers environments that reflect our passion for the planet and the client's vision for the future.

tvsdesign Sustainable Design Services Include:

Green Building Certification
Green Building Feasibility Studies
Green Building Standards/Policies/Guidelinesw
Green Building Certification / Design Strategies
– Zero Waste / Zero Energy
– Carbon Neutral
2030 Challenge
LEED® Certification Services (all rating systems)
Costs/Benefits of Green Building Strategies and Technologies
Research; Data Collection/Analysis; Building Modeling; Assessment
Graphic presentation and documentation of proposals throughout the design process
Strategic staff support as needed

If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?

The Duke Energy Center (DEC) is a shining example of environmental stewardship and ecological sensitivity.

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