Mixed Use |  Technology Square

Georgia Tech Energizes the Tech Business District

Technology Square reaches across the interstate highway corridor into midtown Atlanta
from the historic Georgia Tech campus, reconnecting the campus to the city grid and
creating an entirely new portal to the Institute. Large cantilevered "lantern" like glass
structures mark the corners of the development signaling to the passerby on the interstate and the local streets that something new and special has arrived.

Retail shops geared to students and urban residents bring new life to the streetscape. The $120,000,000, five-building, LEED® registered design is located among technology industry leaders, presenting a new worldwide forum for business and continuing education.

Brightly painted courtyards and generous use of fenestration symbolize openness and a sense of time and place throughout the design, which logically knits together the College of Management, Global Learning Center, Hotel and Conference center, a new Barnes & Noble/GA Tech Bookstore, and offices anchored by the Economic Development Building.

Due to the collaboration of the designers and numerous users in meeting the needs of a multi-component project, Technology Square is a giant leap forward in Georgia Tech's vision of reaching out and connecting to the city and business community.

  • Location: Atlanta Georgia USA
  • Project Area: 617,000 sf