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Dubai Office

For more than a dozen years, tvsdesign has had an office in Dubai, showing our long-term commitment to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), our interest in the culture and our staying power in the region.

As Americans working and living here, we’re often asked how we merge the best of both worlds and make a lasting impact. After more than a decade of work in the region, we found three ways to successfully meet this challenge. First, we made a firm commitment to the region with offices and a multicultural staff based in Dubai. We just confirmed that commitment by tripling the size of our office space, now in a new location at Conrad Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. A physical presence in MENA helps us understand the cultural and physical environment in context. Second, we draw inspiration from the region’s history and cultural nuances to inform our designs. And third, we respect our clients’ needs and provide creative solutions to design challenges.

The result is a set of iconic and inspired designs we’ve created for the Middle East and North Africa. We’ve been inspired by the region to do projects that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. We start with a blank canvas and dream big, creating some of our firm’s most innovative and exciting work. We are committed to remaining here as we contribute to designing the new architectural fabric of the Middle East and North Africa.

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